6 Top Stylish and Affordable Watch Brands for Men

When it comes to picking out the right watch for your style, it seems like there’s more choices than ever before. Of course, the internet has given us men even more buying options when we’re looking for our next watch at Watchamania. This is especially true when you’re trying to purchase a men’s watch that doesn’t break the bank. But how do you tell which brands of the now thousands are right for you?

That answer doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems at first. In fact, with this article, you’ll be able to select a men’s watch brand that fits your personality, reflects your style, and is a respected name in men’s watches.

Citizen for the eco-drive

The Citizen brand has best running watches for men for men. This brand has become synonyms with the eco drive movement, a special type of watch that doesn’t need a battery and gets its power from light. They also have several unique flight-inspired watches that rise above the typical pilot watch that is fashionable right now.

Seiko for a solid, entry-level automatic

mens watch0In the world of men’s watches, an automatic watch is a much needed accessory. Alongside many sleek and attractive quartz models, Seiko is also known for it’s diverse Seiko 5 model. This automatic is incredibly affordable and comes in many different versions, all of which are sure to hit the spot for style.

Fossil for something stylish and well-known

This brand doesn’t get as much respect as it should in the watch community, but among people with style, it’s a staple for affordability and a good look. With a broad range of styles to choose from, these men’s watches are easily recognizable and fit almost any outfit.

Orient for a traditional look

Orient is a lesser known, but equally good brand for men’s watches. Their Bambino model, in 3 different generations, is the quintessential dress watch at just the right price. The brand is well regarded for its reliability and its look.

Bulova for class and refinement

As a pioneer in the watchmaking business, Bulova has remained at the top of the list for stylish but affordable. They have many models, but excel at being recognized as a higher-end entry-level men’s brand that will stoke your passion for watches and introduce you to the enthusiast level of brands.

Hamilton for the perfect field watch

Featured in the movies, Hamilton’s watches hearken back to the day’s of the popular field watch, which has seen a resurgence. Their Khaki line is well regarded and is the perfect mix of utility, style, and price. Their other pieces, including their pilot watches, are equally worth looking at for a decent men’s watch.